Wednesday, December 18, 2013

It's been a while since I have posted any blog, and this one is going to be brief as well. In last few months Life threw a lot of challenges, faced lot of rejections, still fighting for my share of Peace.

Started meditating since yesterday, I today had great thoughts while meditating and thought of writing it down. As I closed my eyes, I decided not to follow the orthodox way of relaxing the body parts one by one but rather just relax. Once again the thought of whether to focus, as lot of people suggest for  focused energy, or not to focus, as I believe focus also distract the intent of going humanfree.

A thought strikes my mind, on the line of thought that I realized that I am awareness, that I need to be without awareness. Moreover, as I write, I think I can also think of what's beyond awareness. Thus, I try to be not aware of anything.

I got lost and after a while, I found myself feeling the outer shell, i.e. my bones, blood, skin as if I am inside this body and observing it from there. The "I" in "Me".


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